MED - Maribor electronic destination 2008


22nd and 23rd February 2008
MMC Kibla - MED Maribor electronic destination, the first international festival of electronic and electroacoustic music.

KIBLAshall celebrate the international year of intercultural dialogue andSlovenia's Presidency of the EU in first half of the year by organizinga new festival of intermedia arts with a special emphasis on musicexpression. The focus will be on contemporary electroacoustic musicthat has emerged from the European Avant-gardes of the 20th century,particularly twelve-tone music that was devised by Arnold Schoenbergbased on the principles set by Karlheinz Stockhausen, the Germanexplorer of sonority and further developed by performers andtheoreticians of Musique concrète, such as the French composer PierreSchaeffer after World War II.

MED 2010
The Slovene festival of electronic and electroacoustic music with a strong international participation, taking place at several locations, was based on a multilayered and multisectoral approach to organization and execution. Foreign performers were joined by those from Slovenia.

MED Programme:

FRIDAY 22nd February 2008

  • KIT (Glavni trg 14)
    5 pm
   Marševa Flow talks to Bill Brewster,an electronic subculture analyst from London, GB 
   about the impact ofthe electronic revolution on the development of music and society.

   6:30 pm
  OPEN AIR SET with the oldest friend of ODDBEAT, the British DJ and producer Burt Latin.
   8:30 pm
   OPEN AIR SET with the experienced mastermind Bill Brewster from Great Britain.

  10:00 pm
  MED caravan goes to Pekarna

  • GUSTAF (Pekarna)
  10:00 pm
  Ruff Roga (Total Fusion. Oddbeat, SLO)

  12:00 midnight
  Tadi Touch (Total Fusion. Oddbeat, SLO)

  02:00 am

  Howie B. (Pussyfoot, Polydor, GB)
  04.30 am
  The BEATRATERS (a.k.a. J.De & Hobosapiens, ODDBET, SLO)

 *VJ support: Inocybe&Psilocybe, Wireless Cowboy (OddBeat, SLO)

  • KURD (Pekarna)
  10:00 pm
  Ignasio (Leafmusic, SLO)
  11:00 pm
  Esque (Leafmusic, SLO)
  12:00 midnight
  Rojter (Intosomething, SLO)
  01:30 am
  Paulo Olarte (Liebe Detail, Eminor, Anorak, FreshFish, Columbia)
  05:30 am
  Purple Pineapple
(Oddbeat,LeafMusic, SLO) live act!
  *VJ support: VJ OZ (Basel VJ collective, SUI)    
  *AFTER: Supernova (the tonight artist mix)

  SATURDAY 23rd February 2008:

  6:00 pm
  MARŠeva Flow talks to HOWIE B and ELROY SPOONFACE, FAADA, the pioneers of  
  Hip-hop, Drum’n bass and Breakbeat, about how it all was all breakingly established.

  9:00 pm
  Art Hop – Hip hop live extravaganza! (CRO)
  10:00 pm
  Burt Latino &VJ Extravaganza
  12:00 midnight
  4 MED seasons or a historical journey through electronic styles in company of the  

  Spoonface & Ear Dis (FAADA, Black Legend, GB)

  03:00 am
  Howie B selection of breakbeat flowers

  Minimal Olarte pollen

  Spoon reggae selection

  *VJ support: VJ Extravaganza (+ MED VJ mix till the morning)

  Ticket prices for MED – Maribor electronic destination:

  -13 € two days
  - 8 € Friday
  - 7 € Saturday

  Tickets on the day of the event:
  - 17€ two days
  - 10 € Friday
  - 9 € Saturday

  The festival has been prepared in cooperation with ODDBEAT.


MED, video

Photo gallery, 22.2.2008, KIT

Photo gallery, 22.2.2008, Pekarna

Photo gallery, 23.2.2008, Kibla



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