Art, Technology, and Humanism, webinar with Tereza Teklić (KONTEJNER/CONTAINER)

KIBLIX Webinar Series
January – February 2021

We are pleased to announce the next chapter of KIBLIX online seminars, a series of four online seminars and reading groups, moderated by curator and critic Irena Borić, in collaboration with various artists. The purpose of webinars is to create a space for joint reflection, discussion, and knowledge exchange. The content of all four meetings will be related to selected theoretical texts and practices of international artists. curators and cultural workers.

All meetings will be held through the online platform ZOOM (all links below). The language of the webinar will be adjusted according to the participants (Slovenian or English). The webinars are intended for a broad audience, and no prior knowledge is expected from the participants. We kindly recommend that participants read the proposed texts in advance (available in Slovene or English). We ask that you send an e-mail to to register your participation and the text. Registration is for informational purposes only and is not binding.

You are welcome to join us!

Art, Technology, and Humanism

Webinar with Tereza Teklić (KONTEJNER/CONTAINER)

Tuesday, 2 February, at 6 p.m. @ZOOM

As part of this seminar, we will get acquainted with the curatorial practice of the Zagreb collective Kontejner. Their work is based on progressive contemporary art, which explores the role and importance of science, technology, and the body in our society, emphasizing provocative, fascinating, and intriguing subjects that society perceives as taboo. The discussion will be based on the text of media theorist Boris Groys Art, Technology, and Humanism. It states: „The artistic practices and discourses of the classical avant-garde were in a certain way prefigurations of the conditions under which our second,  self-produced, artificial bodies exist in the contemporary media world. The elements of these bodies - artworks, books, films, photos - circulate globally in a dispersed form.”

Tereza Teklić is a curator and project manager. She graduated in Art History and German language and literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. Since 2008, she works as a project assistant, coordinator, project manager, and curator at the non-governmental organization KONTEJNER. Since 2011 she is a part of the curatorial team at Mochvara Gallery, where the artistic program is organized in collaboration with Culture Development Association "CDA" and Mochvara Club. She is also one of the initiators of the interdisciplinary project Light in Places organized by the NGO IN PLACES.

KONTEJNER | bureau of contemporary art praxis is a non-profit NGO from Zagreb founded in 2002. They are engaged in curatorial work, the organization of art festivals and other public events, education, and social theory. Their main field of interest is progressive contemporary art, which investigates the role and meaning of science, technology, and the body in our society, focusing on the relevant and current phenomena, especially within provocative, fascinating, and intriguing subjects and topics, as well as those perceived as taboos by the society. These include pleasure, time and energy, mental health, human and artificial intelligence manipulation, and dark matter.



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