Žiga Pavlovič: ZOOM operater

KIBLIX 2021 / Workshops
Žiga Pavlovič: ZOOM operator
15 and 16 April 2021, 10 a.m.–13 p.m. (CET)

15 April, ZOOM link:
16 April, ZOOM link:

During Covid-19 we at KIBLA gained experience, that we are going to share with you this time. In the first part of the workshop, which will take place on Thursday, 15 April, we will get acquainted with the settings of the ZOOM program in order to organize virtual events and at the same time interact with viewers. You will be able to find out how to moderate viewers, add co-moderators, advise guests on setting up screen sharing and finally use Open Broadcast Software – OBS program in combination with ZOOM for greater control over the overall graphic image of live broadcasts.

To participate in the workshop, you need:
– a Zoom account; you can arrange it at this address:
– Youtube or Facebook account
to install the OBS program, which is available at:

On Friday, 16 April, in the second part of the workshop, we will get to know the alternative program StreamYard, which simplifies conducting live conversations with guests. We will learn about what moderation methods it allows, the limitations of content streaming, and at the end we will get acquainted with the course of the connection on the Youtube and Facebook platform for live broadcasts.

To participate in the workshop, you need:
– StreamYard account that you can create at this address:


The workshops will be hosted by Žiga Pavlovič, head of KIBLA2LAB.

Žiga Pavlovič
(aka Darian Medved / Ljubljana, 1987) is an independent interaction designer, programmer, maker and promoter of new technologies. Most of his work relates to the field of virtual, augmented and mixed reality, and from 2019 also to the field of practical artificial intelligence, “affective computing" and interactive installations. As a mentor, he collaborates with Fablab Maribor in the preparation of DIY workshops and education in the use of digital fabrication. In the past, he participated in the establishment of the Slovenian Game Developers Association and the organization of the first two conferences on the development of games in Slovenia, the Slovenian Games Conference. You can occasionally meet him at the Game Jam or hackathon, where he usually explores a new digital toy. By winning the EYA Game Jam in Graz in 2017, he participated in the World Championships in VR content development in Shanghai. He participated with KID KIBLA in the preparation of the AR enriched book in 2016 and since April 2020 he has been the head of the new digital laboratory KIBLA2LAB within the network of research centers of art and culture – RUK.




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