Andrej Fon a.k.a. Olfamož

Andrej Fon a.k.a. Olfamož
MMC KIBLA, Friday, 16 November 2018, at 8 p. m.
music cycle Jutri 2018 / KIBLIX 2018

Andrej Fon a.k.a. OlfaMož is a multi-instrumentalist, or better yet, a poly-instrumentalist, an avant-garde musician at the crossroads of improvised music and punk-noise milieus. He will first be seen, and then heard, at the MMC KIBLA in Maribor on Friday, 16 November 2018, from 8 p. m. onwards.

Andrej Fon – Olfamož is a current or former member of bands such as Kraški solisti, Samo Gromofon, Barka tone in bele plombe, Strahuljarji, and Horda Grdih. Most of the time Andrej Fon performs as a self-taught artist, multi-instrumentalist, and especially improviser. He is no stranger to angrier rock tunes either, often adding to this variety his own divergences into, let's call it, the singer-songwriter zone. 

His audio repertoire is a product of constant recycling of toys, broken instruments, everyday objects and materials, but mostly a result of his inventive approach to music-making with the help of often absurd playing techniques, which elegantly match his text recitals, singing, screaming, squealing, face-making, hypnotic running around, and the whole stage spectacle. Both in terms of lyrics and sound, Olfamož always verges on the absurd, supported by no small degree of humor referring to the world around him and himself.

In his music, Olfamož nurtures a DIY esthetic, complemented by a sparkly, personal, witty, ironic, critical, sharp and humorous note, based on the primal nature of live music. Musically speaking, he is quite harsh, highly original, analytical, at times intentionally rough, and unburdened by adherence to genre. Olfamož is a sometimes whacky, loitering street innovator, who fosters a kind of unpretentious singer-songwriter attitude entrenched in the essence of punk, and who would only be deprived of his musical freedom and broadness, if labeled by any kind of genre.

Through the lyrics, marked by bold and abstract inventions, his pieces communicate a quite clear and straightforward, but also rather subtle message. His impressive live performances prove that this is a truly intriguing and curious little dickens, a genuine researcher of musical worlds, whose creativity is downright fascinating. His concerts are a musical treat for the ears and the brain. 

Photo: Dijana Božić, Kibla archive



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