Festival of love, Svečina, 28.-30. 3. 2008


Festival of love, Svečina, 28th –30th March2008

In the little village of Svečina just beside the Austrian border, the international literary Festival of Love will take place for the first time in March 2008, at the beginning of spring, organised by ACE KIBLA in cooperation with the Municipality of Kungota and Denk Inn.

The main focus of the Festival of Love will be on literature, yet other types of art that are close to the theme will be given space as well. Until 2012, when Maribor and its partner cities are the European Capital of Culture, the festival is planned to be established as a traditional literary event in Slovenia, gradually acquiring an international air. The long-term vision for the festival incorporates cross-border integration as regards both artists and visitors, the base for which will already be established this year.The current festival includes the first presentation of German poetry by Lili Novy in Slovenia, soon to be published in a poetry collection, as interpreted by the actress Irena Mihelič. Among our guests is also the world famous Austrian fairy tale poet Folke Tegetthoff, who will remind us how important fairy tales are for adults. Yet the main stress of the programme is on prominent Slovene literary authors, who will present themselves at literary readings and talks, in discussions, and in the time between all the scheduled events, during evening concerts, culinary tastings, in the pleasant environment of Svečina, accompanied by hospitable local wine-makers. The visiting artists of the current festival include Feri Lainšček, Nina Kokelj, Vinko Möderndorfer, Gal Gjurin and Miha Mazzini.

The festival particularly welcomes children, for whom we will organise a magical reading with a multimedia workshop. For the time when their parents are attending other literary events, children care will be provided, ensuring they are not bored.

Admission to all events is free.
Experience the exciting springtime love.

28/03/2008 FRIDAY

Svečina Castle
6pm Festival of  love opening and the opening of exhibition by Mateja Kavčič Addressby the mayor Igor Stropnik and ACE KIBLA president Aleksandra Kostič

Mateja Kavčič – visual installation in the park beside the Svečina castle

Mateja Kavčič graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana and attended a specialisation course in painting. As anartist she committed herself to nature already when projecting her first exhibition formed as an "Open-air gallery" in Tivoli park. She does not compete with nature, but originates from it, lives it and keeps returning to it.

6.30 pm Poet Anica Horvat of Kungota and Svečina winemakers vocal nonet

Anica Horvat has lived in Zgornja Kungota since 1972, where she worked as a teacher until retirement. Ever since her high-school years she has been writing shore prose and poetry for her own pleasure. She started publishing in magazines only in 1990's. She was finally encouraged to publish a poetry collection upon being selected for the second time to participate at the national meeting of senior literary authors.

Svečina vocal nonet has existed for almost twenty years. Its core is composed by excellent Svečina winemakers who spread the word about the wine of Svečina around the world, based on their great knowledge and respect towards the tradition. Artistically conducted by Branka Janc-Radmilovič, the nonet has grown in music value, having achieved the quality level that they prove regularly at many performances both home and abroad.

7.30 pm Literary reading: love poetry by Vinko Möderndorfer

Vinko Möderndorfer is a theatre and TV director. Yet despite his intensive activity in theatre, it is literature that remains his first love. He began his literary career as a poet and until today, despite his dedication to a variety of literary genres, he has not let down his first and only mistress – poetry. Alongside all other genres of literary creativity, he has always been writing lyrical love poems.

8.15 pm Video screening JOHAM Crystal songs by Alma Glumac.

Alma Glumac, dancer and publicist, a founding member of Betontanc dance group has been creating her own theatre-dance performances with BU theatre for a number of years. The video clip of seven love songs,intertwined with movement and breath as well as music by Mateja Staričhas been created by Igor Dragar.

8.30 pm Culinary tasting and presentation of local wines, conducted by the Svečina wine queen

9 pm Concert: Tomaž Pengov The legendary Slovene singer-songwriter

Tomaž Pengov, who published his first album Odpotovanja in 1973 and his latest in 2007. Through all these years he has fostered his own unique style, marked by extreme lyricism.

10 pm Recital of love poetry by Lili Novy, performed by the actress Irena Mihelič, Beno Soršak on guitar

Irena Mihelič, a longstanding member of Slovene National Theatre Maribor ensemble, will interpret the poetry of Lili Novy who is considered the first Slovene female lyric poet as well as one of the most important Slovene female poets in general. This year we also celebrate the 50th anniversary of his death on March 8. The recital will comprise her Slovene poems as well as the first Slovene presentation of her German poems, soon to be published in a collection.

Denk Inn

11 pm Slovene spring pop music. Selection by DJ Estefanio

29/03/2008 SATURDAY

Denk Inn

11 am Literary breakfast with Feri Lainšček

A writer, poet and playwright from Prekmurje, born in 1959. A versatile author, writing both for children and adults, using a variety of genres: prose, poetry, drama as well as puppet and radio plays. Many of his works are particularly marked by love, as, in his own words, "I believe in the redemptive power of love; I believe that any man canonly be fully realized 'in the other' or with the help of the other.

Svečina Castle

3 pm Literary reading and multimedia workshop for children: The Spanish Princess with the writer Nina Kokelj

The young Slovene writer Nina Kokelj is famous for her astounding individual style resembling magical realism. Her magical world is perfect for children literature, which she enjoys creating, be it by writing her own stories (The Spanish Princess, 2002) or by translating existing ones, especially from English. She will present her own story about a Spanish Princess in a creative way, the reading being followed by a creative workshop for children, conducted by Violeta Škrabl.

4 pm A bite of love with Gregor Denk, Delo newspaper cook of the year 2006

A culinary workshop conducted by the young Slovene culinary genius Gregor Denk, who will reveal how to prepare a simple, yet exciting dish that will impress even the most stubborn grouches.

5 pm Poetry reading: Eva Kovač with music, provided by DJ Purple

Pineapple Grega Jaklin is known in electronic music circles as DJ Purple Pineapple, this time presenting his own ambiental electronic music. Eva Kovač is a writer and a poet, whose style was at first quite atypical, comprising descriptions of immediate femininity in emotions and thoughts. Currently she is an observer in her own poetry, not defining herself with anything, yet in her developing novel "The Sun Sets inCelje"( Sonce zahaja v Celju) she is ruthlessly honest. She received first prize at the Urška festival of young literature 2004, which made it possible for her first novel Three dots (Tri pike) to be published the next year.

6 pm Literary discussion: What is theplace of love in contemporary literature? Conducted by Maša Ogrizek, participants Nina Kokelj, Katarina Majerhold and Miha Mazzini

Love is fatally related to words. It seems we have to say "I love you" in order to really love, and entangle our feelings in a (love) story inorder to really believe them. Therefore literature seems a "natural" environment for love. But is that still true? In the time when declarations of love are bound to appear on mobile and laptop screens, love has become a nomad. Only if she conforms to being a cliché is she invited by "light women literature", while "serious literature" is increasingly turning it out of doors. Is this only a literary phenomenon or has love lost its last refuge?

8 pm Literary-music performance: Gal Gjurin and Mesto

Project Musician as well as poetry and prose writer. He studied Slovenian language and cultural studies at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. His literary works have been published in major literary magazines and other publications, his first novel The City (Mesto) was published in 2002. His works have been translated widely and included in an anthology of Slovene poetry. He is an active musician – multi-instrumentalist and composer, having become known as a member of numerous Slovene and foreign music bands (Olivija, Gal in galeristi, Bast.…)..

9 pm Culinary tasting and presentation of local wines, conducted by the Svečina wine queen

9.45 pm Hallerstein screening

10 pm Concert: Aleš Hadalin

Aleš Hadalin, born at a train station, a student of musicology, is one ofour most original explorers of human voice and singing. All his albums give the major role to the human voice and exploring various singing techniques.

Denk Inn

11 pm A dance party with rhythms provided by DJ Purple Pineapple

30/03/2008 SUNDAY

Denk Inn

11 am Literary breakfast with Blažka Müller Pograjc

A TV presenter who became famous in the times of Periskop show, a founding member of Betontanc dance group, and a translator from Portuguese as well as Portuguese lecturer at the Faculty of Arts. On a nice Sunday morning she will talk about her relation to great love stories, present her favourite book excerpts and much more.

12.30 am Fairy tale as a philosophy of life – Folke Tegetthoff, fairy tale poet

FolkeTegetthoff, internationally acclaimed fairy tale poet of Austrian origin has dedicated his whole life to fairy tales – both as a writer and narrator. He tours the whole world narrating fairy tales, he has published 32 books in several languages and over 1,4 million copies. He is the initiator of Europe's biggest and most important story telling festival Fabelhaft! Niederösterreich.

Festival team:Štefan Simončič :: festival director
Alenka Ropret :: programme
Simona Kopinšek :: uradna moderatorka festivala
Uroš Lehner :: graphic design
Dejan Štampar :: graphic design of prints
Jure Vekjet :: head of technical support
Uroš Čučkovič :: technical support
David Orešič :: lighting
Dejan Pestotnik :: PR
Matej Kristovič  :: photography
Dino Schereilechner  :: video camera
and  ::  Peco, MajaPK, MajaV, Lidija, Violeta, Nermina, Biserka


 Festival of love 2008

Friday, 28.3.2008, photo by: Matej Kristovič

Saturday, 29.3.2008, photo by: Matej Kristovič

Sunday, 30.3.2008, photo by: Matej Kristovič



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