Sunday, April 22, 2012

12:00 Tone Partljič, Literary brunch
13:30 Local young authors, Poetry readings
15:00 Erika Vouk and Dragan Potočnik, Poetry reading

Children programme
12:00 Simona Kopinšek and Aleš Pogorevčnik: Ljubezenske čarovnije (Love magic), Children workshop
14:00 Igor Somrak: Kdo je ukradel vrata? (Who stole the door?), Puppet show

Tone Partljič

Talking with writer
Writer, playwright, scriptwriter; one of the most prolific and most popular Slovenian authors, writing for adults as well as for the youth. The discussion wishes to address his works as widely as possible, with an additional focus on some of the moments presented in his autobiography 'Hvala vam, bogovi, za te blodnje', published by Litera.

Local young authors, Poetry readings
Poetry readings present the creative works of local young authors, who are currently present on the Maribor literary scene. Participants include Lučka Zorko, Eva Kovač, Marko Samec and  Jan Šmarčan.

Erika Vouk and Dragan Potočnik
Poetry reading
A literary event where Erika Vouk, one of the greatest Slovenian poets and translators, winner of the Jenko and the Veronika awards, and Dragan Potočnik, poet, historian and traveler, respond to each other poem-to-poem, creating a poetic talk.

Children programme

Simona Kopinšek and Aleš Pogorevčnik: Ljubezenske čarovnije (Love magic)
Children’s workshop
Like any other castle, Negova too has its history, secrets and love stories. This is what the children will be talking about in this workshop, as well as trying to find an inspiration to write stories, poems, and make magical heart wands. The children’s creative ways will be discovered with the assistance of Simona Kopinšek and Aleš Pogorevčnik.

Igor Somrak: Kdo je ukradel vrata? (Who stole the door?)
Puppet show
Changing a song? Is that possible? Of course! You leave the melody as it is. The words you renovate, that is, you change them. The folk song about Katarina Barbara is the basis for a witty and above all original puppet show. The story is about a girl who took bad care of her little house. The Roofman took her roof, and the Windowman stole her windows. The door was stolen too. Who did it? Was it the Doorman?



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