Days of Curiosity – How To Become

For thirteenth year in a row, ACE Kibla has organised the Days of Curiosity Festival – How to become. As always, we have again decided this year to present relevant occupations. We have therefore selected three interesting areas, i.e. IT and banking, cultural management and cultural tourism. Thus the guests of this year's festival were Janez Stajnko, Head of Advanced Trade Channels, NKB Maribor and expert in advanced banking, Prof Dr Sonja Sibila Lebe, professor at the Department of Tourism, Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana, and Gojmir Lešnjak Gojc, actor, cultural manager and General Manager of Kosovelov dom - Kras cultural centre, Sežana.

The central part of Days of Curiosity Festival – How to become 2009 took place in Narodni dom, Maribor on Wednesday 9th December 2009 between 9 am and 12 noon. The programme was split into one-hour interactive presentations, within which guests talked about their jobs, interests, past studies and their work.

Kindly invited to attend the events accompanying the festival - round tables dealing with Violence over the youth (02/12/2009 at 5 pm in Drava Student centre), Volunteering among youth (09/12/2009 at 12 noon in MMC Kibla) and What the youth lack in Maribor? (10/12/2009 at 12 noon in MMC Kibla).

Organizer of the festival: Dejan Pestotnik
Coordinators of the festival: Vlasta Barl and Štefan Simončič

The central part of the festival is composed of short (up to one hour long) interactive presentations in which guests in a relaxed conversation with the moderator describe their profession, interests, study years and work they are doing.With the introduction of the individuals who are succesful in their professions, we enable the young to have contact with people who have their »dream« professions and are giving them the oppurtunity to get first hand information and a real conception of certain jobs. People who are already in these jobs are the ones who know the conditions onthe job market best, these conditions playing an important role when deciding about entering a certain school / faculty. Young people can alsoget information about positive and negative sides of  any profession. Informative days at schools enable them to recieve information about education and programs at the chosen schools, while Days of Curiosity offer insights into specific professions and give  answers as to whichschool you must finish to get to the desired profession. They are intended for the time after finished education and try to explain what a certain education actually enables them to do and to what professions it leads. On a more concrete level-our goal is  to demystify the work of project managers, product managers, web designers, stock brockers,doctors, writers, business secretaries, directors, florists, dancers, sculptors...

The goal of this  festival has remained the same since the year 1996: to get the widest possible elementary school population acquainted  with professional possibilities with the help of lectures, discussions, round tables, workshops and visits to work organizations. We want to give the young the opportunity to get to know the people who have their dream jobs as well. Along with descriptions of the work itself, they can also get answers to questions about employment and future education. At the festival, the young can also get practically  introduced to a certain profession.

Information on previous editions of the festival is available on the web page:

The festival programme is supported by the Ministry of Education and included in the framework of optional compulsory activities.

Days of Curiosity Festival – How to become 2009 has been supported by the Ministry of Culture, City of Maribor, Office of Youth and Narodni dom cultural centre, Maribor.
The festival is sponsored by Simobil and Nova KBM.


Dejan Pestotnik, organizer of the festival

Round table - Violence among young people, 2/12/2009

2/12/2009 at 5 pm, Drava student residence hall
Round table on Violence among young people

Violence originating in intolerance, disrespect, reticence towards oneself and the others, and inappropriate way of solving conflicts is ever more present in our society. As well as physical conflicts, youth violence is on the rise in television programmes, mobile phones and on the Internet. Young residents of Maribor are appalled by the increasing occurrences of outburst of youth violence over peers in Maribor and across Slovenia. Kibla has therefore organised a round table within the Days of Curiosity Festival – How to become 2009, where the issue of youth violence was discussed. Participants were young people who have been involved in physical conflicts and employees of institutions that deal with such issues as well as a social worker and a teacher.
The round table was hosted by Simona Kopinšek.

Photo gallery, 2.12.2009

Days of Curiosity, 9.12.2009

Round table - Volunteering among youth, 9.12.2009

Round table - What the youth lack in Maribor? , 10.12.2009



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