Todd Harrop, Asja Grauf, 10. 8. 2012

Todd Harrop
10. 8. 2012, 20:00

Sound artist Todd Harrop works comfortably in music and theatre. His compositions have been performed in Canada, the U.S.A., New Zealand, Italy and Germany, lately exploring a variety of alternative tunings, notably the Bohlen-Pierce scale. As a percussionist he has regularly played in contemporary or classical music festivals in Canada and Germany. Since moving to Montreal in 2008 he has immersed himself in its English, French and Yiddish theatre scenes.
Fascinated by the challenge and potential of interdisciplinary art, Harrop has collaborated with various artists to combine music with theatre, dance or radio. He has produced a popular musico-documentary for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation about the soundscape of modern farming. He has also created music for several choreographers either for dance on stage, film or even as part of an outdoor, promenade opera using an abandoned car found in the woods.
With the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, he was artist-in-residence at the renowned Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada; and research at Concordia University in music-theatre-responsive media technology in Montreal.

Asja Grauf
10. 8. 2012, 20:00

Asja Grauf, 1980, Maribor. She took on the flute at the age of ten. She studied at the University of Classical Music in Graz (Austria). As part of a student exchange program she attended the Conservatorio statale di Musica Giuseppe Tartini in Trieste (Italy) in 2004. In 2005 she obtained her Master’s degree. Has worked with a number of electro-acoustic and improvized genre groups and as a theater and dance performer. Collaborated with the Maribor Symphonic Orchestra and the National Orchestra of Slovenian Army.

Todd Harrop, Asja Grauf, August 10, 2012



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