Festival (DA)(NE)S 2011

Festival of microtonal music 2011

5 September: Nora-Louise Müller, Germany
12 September: Bernhard Mikuskovics,
15 September: Jens Mügge, Germany
14 October: Rdeča Raketa, Austria

5 September
Nora-Louise Müller (Germany)
has collaborated with numerous well-known composers in her intense occupation with contemporary music, including performing in the Composer in Residence program at the contemporary music festival chiffren – Kieler Tage für Neue Musik.
In 2007, she began working with an extraordinary instrument: the Bohlen-Pierce clarinet which uses a (very!) different harmonic tone system. As one of only five clarinetists worldwide who perform on this particular instrument she was invited to enrich the first Bohlen-Pierce conference in Boston, Massachussetts in 2010 with her performances, and will be playing this radical instrument in festival DaNes.

12 September
Bernhard Mikuskovics (
"Just as the manifold beauty of light reveals itself in the spectral colours of a rainbow, we experience the manifold beauty of a single tone in the sound colours of its overtones."
Overtone singer and multiinstrumentalist Bernhard Mikuskovics started to research on ethnic instruments after graduating from a school for graphic design & printing processes and has been working since then extensively on various eclectic art projects surrounding music, painting and literature.

15 September
Jens Mügge, Germany

Jens Mügge sang as a child in various choirs. He started to play traditional folk songs and melodies on the jaw harp. At that early period he did not know that jew's harp playing is a kind of overtone music. Additionally he began to learn didgeridoo and was introduced to overtone singing 2001, developed his style of overtone singing on his own, and increased his knowledge of polyphonic harmonic singing by Wolfgang Saus in 2004. Now he accompanies his overtone singing with guitar, Jew's harp, tambura, sansula, kalimba, springdrum, shrutibox, singing bowls and indian harmonium.

14 October
Rdeča Raketa, Austria

MAJA OSOJNIK and MATIJA SCHELLANDER, Austria are a critically acclaimed multiinstrumentalist duo performing electronic music far from the rigidity of inherited forms.
Vienna based musician Maja Osojnik is an acknowledged (SKE-Publicity Award 2007; 3rd Prize and Composition Award of 'Gradus ad Parnassum' 2003, 1st Prize with Ensemble MIKADO 2004 for "Voices" – Jazz Fest Vienna Award 2005; Bank Austria Artist of the Year 2008/09 …) composer, vocalist, and recorder player, performing all over Europe in various contexts. Matija Schellander studied computer music and double bass and works in the field of improvised & contemporary composed music and has collaborated with Marco Eneidi, Franz Hautzinger, Michael Bruckner, Jorge Sanchez-Chiong/JSX, Wolfgang Schiftner, Akemi Takya… and many more.

Come immerse yourself in some fascinating sounds – bass paetzold recorder, cassette recorders, toys, electronic devices, modular synthesizer, computer

Selector Cameron Bobro

MMC KIBLA wishes to thank the following for their support: EU-EACEA, Culture Programme, Brussels, Slovenian Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Maribor and Office of Youth. DA)(NE)S programme is part of the European X-OP project.


September 5. Nora-Louise Müller, Nemčija
September 12. Bernhard Mikuskovics
15 September: Jens Mügge, Germany
14 October: Rdeča Raketa, Austria



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