Festival Danes 2010

MMC KIBLA, 16. december at 9pm
Miha Ciglar –Sonic Beams
The project “Sonic Beams / Acoustic Shadows” is an audio performance, part of the multi-annual “Ultrasound Haptics Project” bringing to the forefront the development of a special interface for expressions in music, which generates haptic feedback on the sound being produced simultaneously by the instrument/interface. The project integrates the latest technologies from WaveField Synthesis – WFS to various methods of sound analysis in the field of Music Information Retrieval (MIR).

Monika Glahn – Breathing and Being – an introduction to handmade flutes.
Monika makes handmade flutes of various types, ranging from bamboo shakahuchi to kaval-like instruments from industrial materials rescued from their mundane lives. The flutes are part of a way of being, connected to breathing and listening in unusual ways. Bring a notebook to take notes on making your own, and you are welcome to join a flute jam session as well!

Marko Košnik – It seems that we are going to be getting some kind of Synthesis Biopsy from Marko Košnik, who needs no introduction. The details of his presentation/performance remain a mystery to us, but there is no doubt that it will be an edifying experience and a delight to the ears.

Peter Tomaž Dobrila  – A Sound Experience, always something surprising from a deeply musical guy!

Cameron Bobro – Introduction to Microtonal Music. Bring the acoustic instrument of your choice, and/or a laptop, or simply pen and paper, for this introduction to microtonal music and the challenges and possible solutions of effecting it in real life.

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