(Da)(Ne)s Festival 2007

Glavni trg, Maribor, 1st - 22nd September 2007

With mini audio-visual “Danes” festival KIBLA wishesto bring attention to Maribor Main square, an ideal scene forcontemporary musical-visual events because of its acoustics and light.“Danes” focuses on local-global artistic approach set in the crossroadsof the physical, acoustic and extremely electronic.

Every weekend in September at 8pm in KIT garden in front of the Town Hall Slovenian musicians and DJ’sselected by Cameron Bobro will perform. Selector chose authorshipvibration between futuristic and arhaic.

- 1.9. - DJ Purple Pineapple
- 6.9. - Igor Bezget
- 7.9. - Sai Tomitsa
- 8.9. - DJ Immortal
- 13.9. - Senčni teater
- 14.9. - Mesto šepeta
- 15.9. - Nino Mureškič
- 20.9. - El Mutante & Stalker
- 22.9. - Beno Soršak



DJ Purple Pineapple, 1.9.2007

Saturday, 1. 9.
DJ Purple Pineapple
ambient, lounge, minimal

DJ Purple Pineapple

Igor Bezget, 6.9.2007

Thursday, 6. 9.
Igor Bezget
Guitar player and author successful in the field of jazz, ethno andimprovisation. He studied guitar with professor Peter Omara at theBruckner Conservatorium in Linz. At the moment he is studying Indianmusic with Pt. Biswajit Roy Choudury and Pt. Suresh Talwalkar. Bezgetis the author of more than 40 musical projects in various musicalstyles within the spheres of jazz and world music.

Igor Bezget

Borut Žerdoner

Sai Tomitsa, 7.9.2007

Friday, 7. 9.
Sai Tomitsa
(Maja Mithans and Matjaž Krivec)

The musical repertoire of the duo is composed of authorship poems and a few popular classics (mostly chansons)

Matjaž Krivec

Maja Mithans

Maja Mithans and Matjaž Krivec

DJ Immortal, 8.9.2007

Saturday, 8. 9.
DJ Immortal
innovative latino-african house

KIT - summer garden

DJ Immortal

Shadow theater , 13.9.2007

Thursday, 13. 9.
Shadow theater
(Mateja Rojc and Simon Hudolin)

The authors interpret Australian aboriginal legend of the South Cross,Slovenian folk tale Waterman and a fairy tale by Barbara Pust entitledKing Špehec with a dirty nose, with the help of graphoscope and slideprojector. The animators are hidden behind a canvas on which thestories are projected. Graphoscope and slide projector offer numerousways of telling the tale. The authors chose abstract and extremelyrealistic ways of performing. On their performances the visitors areinvited behind the screens where they can try themselves out in shadowanimation accompanied by music. In this way they get to know VJ’ing(visual accompaniment of the musical events) through shadow theatrethat developed in the 1970’s.

Mateja Rojc and Simon Hudolin

Shadow theater

The city whispers, 14.9.2007

Friday, 14. 9.
The city whispers, audio video recital
(Simona Kopinšek, Beno Soršak, Gregor Jaklin, Dejan Vučković and Vesna Krebs)

Simona Kopinšek will present her book of poems The city whispers (Mestošepeta), that will be published by Litera this autumn, together with agroup of great musicians. “Poetic concert” is an improvisedcommunication between the author’s interpretation of her poetry,musical moments and visual stories of other participants.

Nino Mureškič, 15.9.2007

Saturday, 15. 9.
Nino Mureškič
Is a legend among percussionists on the Slovenian musical scene,private musical pedagogue, author of numerous musical projects andtheatre performances with Slovenian and international artists. Hecollaborated with various jazz and rock groups and participated on morethan 30 albums. He is a mentor of AFIR BAFIR drumming group and theauthor of the famous Drumming is healthy, doing it regularly even moreslogan.
This slogan was also the title of his ecstatic solo concertin Kibla in 1998. In the past years he dedicates himself to theintensive studying of Indian music. With his creative potential andlong time presence on the musical scene he helped pronounce Maribor forthe Slovenian drumming capital.

El Mutante & Stalker, 20.9.2007

Thursday, 20. 9.             
El Mutante & Stalker
Solo-duo of percussion, brass & woodwind and lap top. Between musicand philosophy. Egotistical sound images, inspired by romanticizingMacedonia, psychonautical experiences and days spent gardening andphilosophising.

El Mutante & Stalker

Beno Soršak, 22.9.2007

Saturday, 22. 9.
Beno Soršak
Is a guitar player creating authorship electronic music. In 1997 firstCD by acid jazz group Full Flavour was published, between 2000 – 2003he studied jazz guitar in Celovec, he played with Slovenian reggaegroup Siti hlapci and in 2001 collaborated on their first album Tukajin zdaj. In 2002 he co-founded Electric Booggie. In 2004 his song DreamRelity appeared on Electrostars, Vol. 1, published by Matrix Records.



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