Green Energy Skills for Youth

The project Green Energy Skills for Youth is a strategic partnership proposal carried out as part of the EU program Erasmus+. Green Energy Skills for Youth will help to improve the quality, attractiveness and accessibility of the opportunities for lifelong learning by developing interactive mobile games and 3D simulations with the help of user-generated scenarios with the aim of acquiring transversal competencies in young people at primary and secondary school levels.

Responses should be driven by independent but commonly reinforcing policies for environment, energy, transportation, employment, and training. In recent years, the effects of global warming have been witnessed over the world. Studies point to human action, like pollution and deforestation, as key reasons for global warming and adverse climate changes. There is an urgent need for all of us, individually and collectively, to become more aware of our environmental responsibilities.

The project will include a comprehensive collection of ‘green education’ programs and activities for youth aged between 13 and 25. The main objectives of the project are to increase the awareness and competences of youth in the field of green energies and enable them to develop skills related to issues such as climate change, ecosystems, energy production and conservation, management of waste and recycling, pollution, carbon footprint, etc.

Improved accessibility to lifelong learning will be made available through the development of interactive mobile games and 3D simulations with the help of user-generated scenarios with the aim of acquiring transversal competencies in young people at primary and secondary school levels.

The proposal aims to improve green skills, as well as a general awareness and competences in young people by supporting creativity, innovation and the use of serious games and 3D simulations. We believe that quality educational work promotes creative, attractive and efficient ways of learning.

The Erasmus+ Green Energy Skills for Youth project joins together five partner organizations: the leading partner is the Turkish-German University from Istanbul, Turkey, joined by the University of Maribor and ACE KIBLA from Slovenia, ZentralWeb from Germany, and ZETA, Turkey.

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The Turkish-German University was founded with an agreement between the governments of Turkey and Germany. The Faculty of Science of the Turkish-German University consists of three main departments, the Department of Energy, Science and Technology, the Department of Molecular Biotechnology, and the Department of Material Science and Technology.

The University of Maribor is Slovenia’s second largest university, established in 1975 in Maribor, Slovenia. It currently has 17 faculties. Faculty of Natural Science and mathematics is a scientific, research and educational organization. The Faculty’s study programs are pedagogical (with 50 years tradition) and non-pedagogical, from the area of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science and Design and Technology.

KIBLA is a voluntary, independent and non-profit association working since 1996 in the field of cultural, artistic, educational, research, computer, communication and information activities.

ZentralWeb GmbH is a software development company established in 2012. We provide IT services, development of mobile applications and web-based software. We support the project “Green 4 Youth” with our experience and skills in application and web development and social media marketing.

ZETA was established in 2000 with the vision of becoming one of the premier consulting companies in Turkey and delivering the best possible service to customers in the field of engineering, energy, environment and information technologies and business investments.


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