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An action research project with a focus on the future of the body

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Post Me_New ID is a dynamic collaboration between body>data>space (London, UK), CIANT (Prague, Czech Republic), TMA (CYNETart_08 Dresden, Germany), KIBLA Multi-Media Centre (Maribor, Slovenia) and 14 international partners and examines the complexity of 21st century European identity through an exploration based on technologies of the body.

An active and public Blog is fed by a series of debate led Research Engines with a Forum, Book and DVD as the end products. In addition a series of Creation Processes will result in a public Installation / Performance.

Post Me_New ID practically explores the physical and digital social networking of creation processes for interdisciplinary artistic projects and envision the artistic outputs of generations to come.

This project is a driver for a learning exchange and knowledge transfer between a diverse group of skilled experts. It brings together artists, curators, academics, psychologists, creative technologists and new media producers working in a value chain of shared expertise - from process to product and to the public.

•    What is the current and future condition of the post-human body?

•    What is the relationship between identities and digital culture?

•    How will digital and physical mobility affect and interact with future gender ideologies and multi-cultural scenarios?

•    How will the creative participation of audience as players (not just spectators) affect and change artistic processes, the tools in use and the culture created?

We are researching and exploring the following key themes:

•    Wearables / Prosthetics / Robotics
•    Telematics / Generative/ Real Time /     
•    Expanded worlds / Next ID / Multi Selves / Avatars
•    Monsters / Heroes – human / non human / the “other“
•    Engendered bodies - shifts in gender psychologies

The long-term aim of the project is a sustained knowledge network that will foster understanding of individual as well as collective identities rendered by 21st digital culture.

The 14 partners for Post Me_ New ID are:

A4 - nulty priestor, Slovak Republic; Brunel University, UK; Charles University, Czech Republic; Citemor - Festival de Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal; Grains and Pixels, Sweden; Hellen Sky, Australia; Leeds University, UK; M2F Creations, France; Multiplace, Slovak Republic; PROJECT DCM Foundation, Romania;, UK; ResCen - Middlesex University, UK; skaculture, China; Swap-Project, Portugal; The Graduate School of Film and New Media at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Japan.

Post Me_New ID is co-financed by the European Union within the Culture 2007 Programme.

Keep an eye on for developments.

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Post Me_New ID FORUM - CYNETart_08 festival, Dresden

Post Me_New ID FORUM
CYNETart_08 festival / TMA Hellerau, Dresden
31. oktober – 2. november 2008

International media art festival CYNETart_08 held in Dresden, Germany, hosted the forum "Post Me_New ID" from 31st October to 2nd November 2008. The forum brought together interdisciplinary practitioners in art, science an  technology to discuss in various formats, from keynotes to Quickfires, issues concerning contemporary and future forms of networked creations and multi-identities. Among the speakers and performers were kondition pluriel (Canada), Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson (Austria), Masaki Fujihata (Japan), Denisa Kera (Czech Republic/Singapore), Michael Takeo Magruder (Unites States/United Kingdom), Sita Popat (United Kingdom), Susanne Berkenheger (Germany) and many more. The forum is planned as a platform for reflection on how w  are creatively and socially engaged in digital networks, how we perform our online and offline identities, how we have become plural and variable post human bodies.
"We are asking ourselves, what is next, applying the to-be-presented theories to our own cultural/art creating and networking practices," says Ghislaine Boddington (United Kingdom), one of the forum organizers.


FRIDAY October 31st - Networked Creations
[ see for full details]
SATURDAY November 1st - Multi-Identities
[see for full details]
SUNDAY November 2nd - Future Visions
[see for full details]

Post Me_New ID FORUM - CYNETart_08 festival, Dresden (31.10. - 2.11.2008)

Thomas Dumke, TMA Hellerau

Ghislane Boddington, body>data>space

Yacov Sharir

Pavel Sedlak, Sita Popat & Helen Sky

Johannes Birringer & Martin Kusch

Pavel Sedlak, CIANT

Johannes Birringer

Sonja Lebos


"Perfect Human", performance

Scott Palmer & Sita Popat

Ingrid Spoerl

Fiddian Warman

Ivor Diosi

Post Me_New ID

Gabriel Vanegas

Helen Sky

Masaki Fujihata

Post Me_New ID: “DARE WE DO IT REAL-TIME?”, London - closing event

London, 27.2. - 28.2.2009

“DARE WE DO IT REAL-TIME?” challenges the ideas of the self and our multi-identities, both off and online. How do our avatars in the virtual realm reflect on ourselves? What do they teach us about ourselves and how can we use that knowledge to extend our understanding of others?

In a topical world, the performers travel through personal and public space, working with the individual and the community. In close and distant environments, they simultaneously operate locally and globally. Their habita  is an intricate virtual/physical place of body/mind orientation. Their live bodies can mimic and perform chosen identities – morphing between avatar, cyborg, humanoid, robot, using the electronic, the bionic, the digitronic.

Hyper-existence is all around them. In the interconnected, multi-nodal spac  of real and virtual, they need to be sharply connected and speedily responsive to “the others” - tele-intuition lessons are learnt on the move.

“DARE WE DO IT REAL-TIME” emerges from a year long research project exploring the evolution of post human culture through technologies of the body. Within the panoramic intelligent environment, digitally networked and responsive graphics combine real-time with the performers on stage to create a multiplex of outcomes. Interactive sound, video and motion components seek out and catch the live bodies, urging them to respond, retaliate and re-act.

The relativity of the body, of your own and to others, is key to the multi-identity mode of modern living, of existing in the real and the virtual in many forms. I  “DARE WE DO IT REAL-TIME?” these boundaries are speedily dissolved so we can see, with humour and irony, the potential errors, glitches, thrills and magic moments that transpire.

“DARE WE DO IT REAL-TIME?” has been created as part of Post Me_New ID, a co-production between body>data>space (London, UK), CIANT (Prague, Czech Republic), TMA Hellerau (Dresden, Germany) and Kibla (Maribor, Slovenia) supported by the European Union within the Culture 2007 Programme. The piece emerges from an interauthored group proces  involving 11 European artists specialising in performance, video, sound, virtual world and interaction.

More about the event:

London, 27.2. - 28.2.2009



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