SAV performance

MMC KIBLA, 23 May 2017, at 20.30

Association for Contemporary Art X-OP presents
Mija Milović: vocals, synthesisers
Lars Bech Pilgaard: guitar

The duo SAV are Mija and Lars, hardened but still young participants of Copenhagen's alternative  pop-rock and jazz scene. After completion of the music conservatory Mia and Lars act as members of a series of musical ensembles (Seaweed, SVIN, UFO, Slowburn, Kvindebandet, etc.), but their companionship is crowned with the formation of SAV. For them there are no boundaries when it comes to the question of music; and both allow it to inspire and lead them. With inspiration from the environment, in which perform Mia and Lars, first with vocals and synthesisers, and the other on the electric guitar, they create improvised music that goes beyond genre's guidelines. Mija's beautiful voice expresses strong emotion and spills with the sounds of a synthesiser and guitar, from which Lars – as one of the most talented experimental guitarists in Europe – draws almost absurd and rude guitar bravuras. Reaching from minimal ambient sound, through jazz variations, no wave and sometimes even hard-core noise expression, SAV music easily pulls you in its wacky world. Their performative musical contemplation brutally reveals the manners of popular culture, offers into insight the comments to images of everyday life through that basic, instinctive and personal.

The duo SAV came alive in 2012 and in 2013 they put out their first EP ”Meat Performance” on handmade CD’s. They played their first shows throughout Europa as well as a three week tour in the US in 2014. During the last couple of years the band established a deep connection to the Balkan area, visiting Serbia as well as Bosnia numerous times. In 2016 SAV released their first full album on vinyl, ”SAV SUCKS SUPER BONES” that received praise in danish as well as international media for its fierce and fearless take on modern music. In December 2016 SAV released their second album ”The Conversation” on the danish label ”Aftenrutine”. The album was recorded at the
Underground Studios in Belgrade during one day of improvisations in may 2016 and reaches deep into abstract folklore, improvised electronic music, noise and weirdpop; it is also available on all digital platforms.

„No show touched me the way SAV did. A humble thanks to both for flowing in such visceral way.“ Ogi, Club ŽIŽA

SAV Music can be listened and their shows seen

Production: Association for Contemporary Art X-OP
Coorganiser: Association for Culture and Education KIBLA
Coproducer: Association for Art and Avdio-Visual Production KODA MODRO

Cordially invited. No entrance fee.

Photo: Kristijan Robič, Kibla Arhiv



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