Exhibition “Virtuoso” artists in Maribor, Slovenia

You are cordially invited to attend the exhibition “VIRTUOSI – multi science art platform” which can be seen from Friday, 22 May 2015 from 9am, until Saturday, 23 May 2015 until 10pm.

The official opening of the exhibition and presentation of the project TALK TO ME will be on 22 May 2015 at 8pm at Multimedia Center KIBLA.

This week the exhibition “Virtuosi – multi science art platform” artists Paula Vitola and Rihards Vitols go to Maribor, Slovenia where in KIBLA gallery works dedicated to human and nature interaction and future sustainability will be exhibited. KIBLA gallery will also exhibit “Talk to me” artwork exploring human and plant communication by Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits and Martins Ratniks. “aKa” by Rihards Vitols is experimenting with nature phenomena presenting utopian solutions for their usage in every day life, and work “Private atmosphere” by Paula Vitola offers each person to create his/her own Earth atmosphere.   

Exhibition marks also closing of international cooperation project “Soft Control”. As part of this project last week, May 14–16, Slovenian artists Maja Smrekar and Monika Pocrnjic lead creative workshops about biotechnologies in art and creation of musical instruments.

“Talk to Me” is an artistic inquiry into human and plant communication, exploring the relationships between nature and people, biology and technology, biological and social processes in particular. Authors of this project are Rasa Šmite, Raitis Šmits and Mārtiņš Ratniks. “Talk to Me” project was launched with a question asking – do plants grow better, taller and more beautiful if people talk to them? This project in two year time (2011–2013) collected as many as 13 183 messages received from installation visitors. Altogether “Talk to Me” has been exhibited in five different locations with an online interface in 3 different languages (English, German and Latvian). 

“aKa”  by Rihards Vitols is a unique method which shows how people will be able to get water in their every day lives. In two decades people won't be able to use water found in soil for their nutrition. The artist offers idea about ballon farms – new way of economics which will help collect water from clouds.

“Private atmosphere” by Paula Vitola invite protect yourself from threats of our Earth atmosphere, by creating your own. It is provided by plant growing in closed atmosphere – helmet, which you cant take off. To provide international communication of humans and orienting in environment, sensory organs will be enhanced by technologies.

Works by Rihards Vītols and Paula Vitola for the first time were created for the exhibition “Virtuosi – multi science art platform” which took place from April 16 to May 17, 2015 in RIXC Gallery in Riga, Latvia. The exhibition was inspired by English poet and play writer Thomas Shadwell comedy "Virtuoso" (1676). Works are subjective research approaching important art themes – different nature process, energy, sustainability, physical and acoustical properties, electricity and communication media by using the newest technologies and experimenting with older ones.

RIXC Center for New Media culture, Maskavas street 10, Spīķeri, Riga.
Contacts:, 67228478 (RIXC office), 26546776 (Rasa Šmite),
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