FIELDS Exhibition, project SOFTCONTROL, Riga, European Capital of Culture 2014

Arsenals Exhibition Hall of Latvian National Arts Museum
Riga May 16- August 3, 2014

the FIELDS Opening Programme  included Art+Communication Festival programme and RENEWABLE FUTURES – International conference on art, science and cultural innovation
Riga May 15-18, 2014

Renewable Futures is new conference series, the launch of which took place during the FIELDS exhibition opening weekend on May 15-18, 2014 in the framework of Riga – European Cultural Capital 2014 programme. In a response to recent quests for a more sustainable future and overcoming the crisis of the present, the conference aimed to invent new avenues for future developments by bringing together traditionally separated domains. Inspired by Fields exhibition approach, which does not just look at art in the narrow sense but takes into account all kinds of creative practices that brings together new thinking, scientific knowledge, aesthetics, technologies and social practices, the conference shaped new contact zones between academic research and diversity of contemporary art practices, art and science, sustainable businesses and social engagement in the 21st century.

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FIELDS exhibition and accompanying events were performed within international Project SOFTCONTROL.

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