Re-Crea-Tion, Reflection-Creativity-migraTion

25. 10. 2016
14 – 16h, MMC KIBLA
Creative Idea Module (led by Aleksandra Kostič and Irena Pamič)

The Creative Idea Module is a `building the audience` activity of the RISK CHANGE project.
Essentially, creative idea modules are meant as a possible new way of creative education. They are intended for different target groups, with different results. It is an informal educational model, transferred from good EU practices. First, we identify the problem; then, through the module, we look for solutions. By requiring an active and engaged contribution on behalf of the participants working in small groups selected with a view to advocating a truly interdisciplinary approach, we are dealing with solution-oriented creativity.

Lecture by ROK PREDIN

An internationally renowned 3D animator originally from Maribor, who will share his international experience with the participants, and answer any questions from the audience. Rok Predin, animation artist and musician with a MFA in painting, has been living in London for a few years now, and works as an animation director at Trunk Animations. Among his most famous works are the videos he made for the Rolling Stones, and the live visuals for the Queen Elizabeth Jubilee at Buckingham Palace.   

26. and 27. 10. 2016
10.00 – 13.00: Ilse`s workshop, MMC KIBLA
Mobile storytelling

In this workshop we will guide the participants into telling a story, and explore storytelling on the subject of migration in a whole new way, using the medium specific characteristics of mobile phones. Mobile phones offer us GPS services to identify our location, allow us to connect with other users, watch HD media, and experience virtual and augmented reality. 
During the workshop we will create location-based stories, starting at the very beginning of the process, by asking: what is the scope of the story, who is it intended for, what is the subject of the story? How can we use different user perspectives? And how can we implement innovative technologies and gamification in a meaningful way? These and other questions and ideas will be explained, discussed and implemented in practice during the workshop. 

14.00 – 17.00: Miha`s workshop, MMC KIBLA
Symbol for a cause

In this workshop participants will provide a visualization of the work done in the previous workshop. We will explore how to translate a story into a powerful image. An image works best when it is not just a statement, but also an invitation to the viewer to  participate in the discussion.
During the workshop we will focus on creating visual expressions of stories. This process does not start with ideas for visual solutions as such, but rather by knowing exactly what one wishes to communicate, who is being addressed and how this may affect the situation. In the process of designing the image it is important to figure out what medium is the best choice, and, more importantly, to consider how the story can reach as many people as possible. One of the results of the workshop will be a final visual image.

Creative Idea Module

Lecture by Rok Predin

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