Study visit Ars Electronica Linz (7.–11. 9. 2017)

Ars Electronica 2017
Linz, 7.–11. September 2017
2017 Prix Ars Electronica’s Digital Musics & Sound Art category

Digital Musics & Sound Art
Golden Nica
Not Your World Music: Noise In South East Asia / Cedrik Fermont (CD/BE/DE), Dimitri della Faille (BE/CA)
„(…) an outstanding book and CD compilation project.“ (Statement der Jury)

Award of Distinction
Corpus Nil / Marco Donnarumma (IT/DE)
„The striking scenography of the performance deconstructs the body, inviting the audience to witness the birth of a sonically augmented cyborg creature.“ (Statement der Jury)

This year’s Big Concert Night includes performances by the prize-winners of the 2017 Prix Ars Electronica’s Digital Musics & Sound Art category.

Congratulations to all the award winners! 

Cedrik Fermont performed at KIBLIX 2013 festival 2013 and in 2012 with Situation 03: Tonic IQ, together with Slaven Bandić, Robertina Šebjanič, Sanja Kuveljić and Behrang Azdhari. He wrote an article on electronic music history, published in Folio magazine.

folio 5-6 (2013–2014) PDF, page 56-63

Marco Donnarumma performed at KIBLIX 2012 / Robos and avatars
with his performance Music for flesh II, 2011 (interactive music performance for enhanced body Xth Sense Bionsensing Technology)

Many of the exhibiting artists at this year's Ars Electronica 2017 have been invited and hosted by ACE KIBLA in Maribor, showcasing their works in numerous exhibitions, the annual KIBLIX Festival editions, and other events.

Špela Petrič was the recipient of the White Aphroid Award 2016 inaugurated last year by KIBLA, for best art work; her installation Phytoteratology, at the MIG 21 / KIBLIX 2016 exhibition.

Aisen Caro Chacin at KIBLIX 2015 together with Robertina Šebjanič, Liquid Culture, an experimental visual & sound performance.

Yuri Klebanov (with Roi Ronn and Yonatan Ben Yaakov) from Israel presented the work Smilefection at KIBLIX 2013.

Guy Ben-Ary @ Soft Control / KIBLIX 2012: Guy Ben-Ary and Kirsten Hudson (AU), In potēntia, 2012

David Bowen (US) @Soft Control / KIBLIX 2012: Fly Tweet, 2012, mixed media sculpture.

Dragan Ilić (RS/AU/US) @ KIBLIX 2016 / MIG 21

So Kanno (JP), Takahiro Yamaguchi (JP) @ KIBLIX 2016 / MIG 21: Semi-Senseless Drawing Modules, 2014

2017 Prix Ars Electronica in Hybrid Art – Golden Nica
K-9_topology / Maja Smrekar (SI)

„K-9_topology is a true hybrid artwork with profound bio-political message and is certain to bring a lot of discussion to the audience from both art and science sides.“ (Statement der Jury)

Maja Smrekar (SI)
DNK delavnica
@ Soft Control / KIBLIX 2012: DNK workshop @ Soft Control / Kiblix 2012: DNA Sequencing: Referential Probability Structures by Maja Smrekar and Špela Petrič (Slovenia)

Robots and Avatars 2012, Women and digital technology

Robertina Šebjanič & Maja Smrekar: Sound Invasions, 2014

Congratulations to all the award winners!

[Translate to English:] Foto: Martina Zelenika MOON, Kibla arhiv



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