Best of Both Worlds – Festival of community art

CARAVAN NEXT – micro-event
Best of Both Worlds – Festival of community art
Date: 8. – 11. February 2017
Maribor, Slovenia

In the last few decades, in different types of contexts, we come across various concepts related to the so-called intercultural dialog, intergenerational dialog, cooperative dialog and all other kinds of dialogs. Individuals, organizations and institutions are full of concepts, ideas, theories, workshops, projects and calls for dialog, which often exist only as words on paper (or screen) rather than in reality, especially in this era of digitalization, individualism, neo-liberalism and capitalism.
Can dialog exist (at all)? Isn't everything we perceive as dialog, merely a series of parallel and overlapping monologs – monologs between countries, races, genders, family members, partners, social classes? Do we just talk, or do we also listen and hear what someone else has to say? Are we perhaps just switching between 'talking' and 'not talking', instead of focusing on listening and understanding as well? What we say is often not what other people hear, and vice versa.
Community art, also known as "dialog art", includes working with and for people; it includes ideas of establishing a dialog with the community and with artists, of covering community issues and topics, and the inclusion of community.
As a continuation of the Caravan project, when Maribor was hosting the `mobile theatre`, ACE KIBLA presents a micro-event of Caravan Next: Caravan Next tries again to establish a dialog between the local community and its creatives, as well as between creatives themselves, hoping that the efforts we make will not remain only on paper or screen, i. e. in theory, but that they will become a part of reality.
The project/event bring together different groups, local inhabitants, and creatives in February 2017. They have a chance to include their work (workshops, performances, music art, (street) theater, photos) in the event program and share it with people and for the people.
The event takes place on different locations in Maribor, from alternative places to public institutions – we want to establish a genuine dialog between creators of the local cultural scene in Maribor.

Best of Both Worlds  is a part of Caravan Next, a large scale European Social Community Theatre Project / EU program Creative Europe (2014–2020), Culture Sub-programme.


CARAVAN NEXT – micro-event
Best of Both Worlds
8. – 11. February 2017


8 February 2017 (venue: Kibla)
- 17.00: opening of the micro-festival and announcement of the open call winner
- 17.30: film projection (film about Augusto Boal) and artist talk/lecture: "Theater for individual and social changes " with two guests

9 February 2017 (venue: Gustaf)
- 12.00 – 16.00: workshop (topics: monolog and dialog, theater of the oppressed)
- 18.00: performance: Unwanted Newcomers (street performance on the topic of refugees with the participation of audience; performers: Tomaž Podbevšek and Barbara Mrak; production: Association Hiša)
- 21.30: Kantovanje (MARŠ 27)

10 February 2017 (venue: Gustaf)
- 12.00 – 16.00: workshop (topics: monolog and dialog, theater of the oppressed)
- 19.00: Outopia – training of participatory democracy (production: Pekarna MM)

11 February 2017 (venue: Gustaf)
- 12.00 – 16.00: workshop (topics: monolog and dialog, theater of the oppressed)
- 17.00: performance by workshop participants: MONODIA
- 19.00 – 21.00: impro-performance: Banda Ferdamana
- 22.00: end of the micro-festival; concert: MARŠ 27



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