Feed the future: Art moving cities

CREATIVE EUROPE (2014–2020) Culture Sub-programme


Project partners

Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, Odin Teatret – Denmark

Università degli Studi di Torino, Dip. di Studi Umanistici (Unito – SCT Centre) – Italy

Centro de Arte y Producciones Teatrales SL (TNT Theatre) – Spain

Stowarzyszenie Edukacyino-Spoleczno-Kulturarne Teatr Brama (Brama Theatre) – Poland

ZID Theatre (ZID Theatre) – Netherlands

Truc spherique (TRUC) – Slovakia

Bürgerstiftung Rohrmeisterei Schwerte (Rohrmeisterei) – Germany

Technical University Of Crete (University of Crete) – Greece

Farm in Cave – Czech Republic

Omma Studio Private Non Profit Company (OMMA Theatre) – Greece

Association des Agences de la Democratie Locale (ALDA) – France

ACE KIBLA (Kibla) – Slovenia

Società Consortile per Azioni OGR-CRT (OGR – CRT) – Italy



Caravan NEXT comes from the CARAVAN. Artists on the road experience, the results achieved and the needs emerged. In particular, in these years, when the doors to the Social and Community Theatre (SCT) at a European level and a logic network have been wide opened, has arisen the need and the desire to organize the work done and consolidate it into a long-lasting reality with a strong European identity, to think of a new future for the theater, to think over the event and the cultural product starting from seeking a new relationship with the audience („everywhere theater with everyone“). In addition, many communities of citizens across Europe, aware of the work done with CARAVAN. Artist on the road, have asked to be involved in the new cultural and theatrical activities. Caravan NEXT is the answer to these needs, the need to consolidate the methodology of the SCT (enhancing and innovating what has been created earlier, in the design process), the need and desire to really fit together the work done, not to make of it „just“ an experience, but to turn it into a reality.



– „the future“, as the next cultural and social challenges facing the European citizen (the theme of the project)

– languages and tools of digital technologies dedicated to avant-garde cultural activities, which always offer new opportunities

– a step forward towards a new way of thinking about the relationship between Theatre and Audience

– beyond the Caravan. In CARAVAN. Artists on the road caravan’s (vehicle equipped with multimedia artistic fittings) role was to draw attention to the SCT, to aggregate people and their wills. With this new project, we’re making a big step forward into putting together what the caravan has symbolically (and not only) done.



Caravan NEXT is focused on bringing SCT events to cities and town in a way to rethink them as broad open air venues, local art squares connected at European level (GLOCAL level) where citizens, professionals and artists can give life to their own community theatrical events.


Strategic objectives

1. INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM: developing an Integrated European SCT System for the international exchange of cultural products and professionals, in a durable and sustainable way, promoting collaboration among artists and professionals of SCT in the international arena, with a particular attention to all European areas

2. AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT: consolidate the methodology of the European SCT in order to achieve innovative and transferable format of audience development, with a particular attention to the involvement of new audiences in the cultural field

3. DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES: developing the integration between Digital Technologies and SCT methodology to facilitate an audience development process, innovate the artistic events and enhance the interaction between local and international levels

4. CREATE EUROPE: to promote a participatory and proactive cultural reflection on the theme of „being a European citizen“


Specific Objectives

– Promotion of community cultural empowerment with a particular attention to the involvement of new groups of the population

– To implement and consolidate, through dedicated paths, the skills of professionals on topics of the audience development and use of digital technologies in the cultural field

– To implement and consolidate through dedicated paths, the skills of audience on topics of the languages of the performing arts and use of digital technologies in the cultural field

– Development of tools in the field of new technologies relevant to the work of audience development, cultural planning, construction and consolidation of networks and international exchange

– Creation of a European „Business model“ of SCT, by business model meaning a system of equitable opportunities to help the SCT grow in Europe and give equal opportunities to exchange to all partners of each country

Both strategic and specific objectives appear to be consistent with the objectives and priorities of the Culture Sub-programme.



The underlying theme of the project, other than the SCT methodology, will be „Feed the Future: European challenges in the second millennium“. Caravan NEXT aims to stimulate every individual and every community to reflect on the active role of the European citizen with regards to the social challenges that await us, among these, such as, gender equality, acceptance of other cultures, environmental protection, the role of young people in contemporary society.

Through a process of audience development, the professionals and the citizens will decide together the topics around which the cultural actions of the project will revolve, through participated decision-making processes and votes on social networks.



The project partnership is made up of a strong core of partners who have already worked together in CARAVAN. Artists on the road (those who’ve decided not to participate in Caravan NEXT, continue to work in in the European network of SCT, in parallel projects), and of a group of new partners interested in taking the project forward, by implementing and consolidating the experience of Caravan. Artists on the road.


1 lead partner: Given the specifics of Caravan NEXT, the partnership has decided to have as new Lead partner – Odin Teatret (Denmark) – with 50 years of artistic experience and cultural management in Europe and worldwide and with a solid economic and managerial base. The former Lead partner, CRT Foundation, continues to be part of the project under the name of “OGR – CRT”.


2 scientific partners: Unito – SCT Center (Italy) (co-organizers), Technical University of Create – TUC (Greece)

They enrich the project with the excellent skills in the field of the audience development and digital technologies, manage the supervision and evaluation activities and are in charge of training the professionals.


6 theatrical partners: Odin Teatret (Denmark) – lead partner, (co-organizers) ZID Theatre (Netherlands), TNT Theatre (Spain), Brama Theatre (Poland), TRUC Theatre (Slovakia), Rohrmeisterei (Germany)

They’re partners with a high artistic profile and a strong local presence who provide the project with expertise in the field of languages of performance and cultural organization.


3 Community Partners: ALDA (France) (co-organizers): OMMA Theatre (Greece), Farm in Cave (Cezch Republic)

They provide the project with experience in networking, in local involvement and in audience development.


2 editorial partners: OGR-CRT (Italy) (co-organizers), Kibla (Slovenia)

In addition of having an extensive experience in the field of media production, they establish a strong link between the project and the world of the communication channels and mass dissemination 25 associated partners in Partners who actively participate, by using their own resources, in the Europe realization of assets, particularly in the MICRO events, providing this way, a direct contact with the territories, a post-project continuity of actions and project itself.

The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsi­ble for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


CARAVAN NEXT – micro-event Best of Both Worlds (Maribor, 8–11 February 2017)



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