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KIBLA is based on the openness and collaboration with other institutions and individuals. We've (co)organised several events and festivals and (co)produced various events e.g. International Festival of Computer Arts (with Art Gallery Maribor and MKC), Days of Curiosity – How to beome, festival of edutainment (in collaboration with or with support from Land Museum, Land Archive, Cinema Maribor, Pekarna, First, Second and Third High School, High School for Tourism etc.), Internet radio MARŠ (with Maribor Student Radio), Festival of visual communications Magdalena (with Pekarna), Linux Install Fest (with Linux User Group of Slovenia), International Peace School (with OSI, Pekarna, MARŠ, Maribor High school association, University student association, International Peace organisations), World congress of cyclist Velo-City (with Maribor, Slovene and European cyclist association), Festival Lent (with Narodni dom Maribor). Frequently we collaborate with the Association of Architects and host their exhibitions, lectures, debates, and workshops. We prepared the artistic programme for the Hermes SoftLab Company 1998 New Year’s reception, and for the opening ceremonies of fairs, e.g. Electronics, Informatics. We collaborated on the Virtual museum project on the Ljubljana Castle, first Slovenian virtual environment, together with the City of Ljubljana, Festival Ljubljana, City Museum Ljubljana, Tobačna Ljubljana and Pristop.

In 2003, for the 7th anniversary of the MMC KIBLA and 5th anniversary of the ACE KIBLA we accomplished KIPNIK, the first time ever cyber picnic in Slovenia. On the mountain Pohorje we connected computers to the Internet with wireless (radio) link and we performed multimedia programme with the real-time live transmission from Lent Festival.

Project MMC KIBLA, located in Narodni dom Maribor, Ul. Kneza Koclja 9, is non-profit making. Our visitors include students, high-school kids, the deaf and dumb (who visit the Internet for the first time through us), unemployed (who search the Internet for job possibilities), refugees, Small People Association, Handicapped People Association (certificied handicapped friendly institution), groups of teachers have workshops, whole classes of pupils use our infrastructure – from computers to lectures and art programs – as an extra learning opportunity. We’ve hosted Walfdorf teachers, Student Cultural Association, faculties, universities, The American College of Management and Technology.

We are connected on inter-city and inter-state levels with Ljubljana, Celje, Slovenj Gradec, Koper, Murska Sobota, Tolmin, Graz, Vienna, Linz, Laafeld, Belgrade, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Skoplje, Prague, Usti nad Labem, Bratislava, Trnava, Athens, Budapest, Gyor, Brussels, Rome, London, Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Avignon, Sao Paulo… In cooperation with Ljubljana and Koper we carried out international project hEXPO – festival of self-organised cultural forms, which crossed whole Slovenia in a month and planted a seed for the Slovenian digital communication and information platform with the ambition to raise into the Slovene civil society network, that would join European and global network(s).

In 2004 we also got the support from the EU Structural Funds for the  project of Slovene Multimedia Centres Network, named The Net, which now includes 16 Slovene multimedia centres and it’s the first of a kind in Europe and on the world and KIBLA initiated it. The M3C multimedia centres are: ZAVOD LOKALPATRIOT, Novo mesto, MLADINSKI CENTER KRŠKO, Krško, LJUDMILA at KUD FRANCE PREŠEREN and ZAVOD K 4-6 – KIBER PIPA, both Ljubljana, MLADINSKI CENTER PRLEKIJE, Ljutomer, KID PINA, Koper, KID / MMC KIBLA, Maribor, KULTURNI CENTER MOSTOVNA, Nova Gorica, ZVEZA MLADINSKIH DRUŠTEV, Tolmin, MAT KULTRA, Zagorje, MLADINSKI IN INFORMATIVNI KULTURNI KLUB MIKK, Murska Sobota, ART CENTER, Prosenjakovci, MLADINSKI CENTER SLOVENJ GRADEC, Slovenj Gradec, ZAVOD O, Škofja Loka, DRUŠTVO HIŠA KULTURE, Pivka, and MLADINSKI CENTER VELENJE. 



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