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Famous Australian artist Stelarc has said for KIBLA »this is the best cyber space in the world,« the great Eduardo Kac, who works at the Art Institute of Chicago, »something like this doesn't exist in United States« and Joseph Tabby, university professor and writer, »I came to visit Slovenia, because I've heard about KIBLA.« A title in Slovenian magazine Mladina: »To Maribor, because of KIBLA!« and in NeDelo (the biggest Slovenian newspaper, Sunday issue) was written: »Maribor Kibla is by its space possibilities and its conceptual structure, that combines gallery, spaces for performance, specialised bookshop and cyber café undoubtedly the most exemplary project of a kind.« In Romanian newspaper CLUJENAUI was written »KIBLA is the most important and the biggest multimedia centre in Eastern Europe.« Dr. Janez Strehovec, the leading Slovenian new media theoretician, stated, »Kibla is the main Slovenian centre for new media art (and theory).« Artist, scientist, researcher and professor on the University Caxias do Sul, Brazil, dr. Diana Domingues noted: »Kibla is a very impressive environment and you are the soul of this paradise in Slovenia.« Guru of the world advertising Dragan Sakan pointed out, »KIBLA stimulates reality, which is no longer traditional but multimedial. Also ideas are not local anymore, but global. The world needs fresh ideas. The world needs global institutions like KIBLA!« Franci Pivec, master of information sciences, claims, »KIBLA is big phenomena. For me it's one of the central institutions, which Maribor gained.«

President and curator of ACE KIBLA Aleksandra Kostič was invited to be a judge for The Webby Awards 2000 (Internet Oscars) in San Francisco and she became a member of The International Academy for Arts and Technology joining David Bowie, Laurie Anderson, Francis Ford Coppola, Matt Groening, Tina Brown etc.

Adviser of ACE KIBLA Peter Tomaž Dobrila was a member of Europrix jury – the leading European Contest in e-Content creation and is a member European Academy for Digital Media (EADIM) in the year 2005 he became adviser of the Ars electronica festival, the biggest and most eminent intermedia event in the world.

KIBLA was invited to join the European Multimedia Forum (EMF), based in Brussels and we are actively participating on the European Multimedia Associations Convention (EMMAC) as participants of the world multimedia summit Milia 2002 and 2003 in Cannes.

We are members of the International Federation of Multimedia Associations / La Fédération internationale des associations de multimédia (FIAM), based in Montreal and we actively participated on the World Summit on Internet and Multimedia 2002 in Montreux.  

KIBLA is a partner in the The World Summit Award for e-content and creativity, which is a global contest for multimedia products and applications. The Award is organized in the framework of the WSIS – The United Nations first ever World Summit on the Information Society, which takes place in December 2003 in Geneva, Swiss, and in 2005 in Tunis.  

We were invited to join the Medi@terra 2001 International Art and Technology Festival in Athens, Greece, which is included in the Cultural Olympiad 2001 – 2004 and is among the cultural events, which are organised in the context of the Olympic games of 2004 in Athens.

In 2003 we worked with Harald Szeemann, the most well known curator in the world on the exhibition Blood and Honey – The Future is on the Balkans, which was displayed for in the famous Essl Collection (Sammlung Essl) in Vienna.



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